For those who don't know, the trader we currently know as Artemmis has had many, many alts over the years, including:

and several dozen others, including a number of disposable sock-puppets he uses to make it seem others agree with him.

This is one of his feeble attempts to gain an illicit advantage in the marketplace, by impersonating me.

He starts off the day by insulting me:
[Fri Feb 24 15:32:44 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You make me laugh - You even have to lie about meeting the family to make yourself look better. What a sad little life you must lead. You have my condolences Kyros. I now realize you poor soul'
[Fri Feb 24 15:34:18 2006] Emilion tells you, 'But i will sell you as muhc Gold inlay as you want -0 just dset that buyer back up :)'
[Fri Feb 24 15:34:35 2006] You told Emilion, 'What in the heck are you talking about? I just got back from lunch'
[Fri Feb 24 15:34:43 2006] Emilion tells you, 'sure you did Kyros'
[Fri Feb 24 15:35:23 2006] Emilion tells you, '120K for black gold inlay? Set it up boy ill sell you as much as you want.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:35:38 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Shame you didnt have enough plat on your buyer for me to sell more'
[Fri Feb 24 15:35:39 2006] You told Emilion, 'Please do. I'll happily take them =)'
[Fri Feb 24 15:35:50 2006] You told Emilion, 'Buyer is loading in now'
[Fri Feb 24 15:36:02 2006] You told Emilion, 'You still dont realize what I said earlier'
[Fri Feb 24 15:36:12 2006] You told Emilion, 'I wouldn't have set the price if I wasn't willing to pay it'
[Fri Feb 24 15:36:12 2006] Emilion tells you, 'I dont care - youre a windbag '
[Fri Feb 24 15:36:29 2006] Emilion tells you, 'And a moron who whines like a baby - go get a soother or something you little whiner'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:00 2006] Emilion tells you, 'if you think you can make a profit at that price oyu go ahead - i know i can make for a lot less and juts mimic what i see go uo'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:13 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Free market. Youre free to pay as much as you like :)'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:18 2006] You told Emilion, 'Yet again, you assume that everyone is like you.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:22 2006] You told Emilion, 'I'm not always out to make aprofit'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:35 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Yes you are - im not and thats what drives you two nuts'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:46 2006] You told Emilion, 'Liar, again'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:50 2006] You told Emilion, 'You want plat, pure and simple'
[Fri Feb 24 15:37:57 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Then why do i charge less than you ?'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:04 2006] You told Emilion, 'You sell it RL, and that is your only income'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:05 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Youre full of sh&PCT;^'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:17 2006] You told Emilion, 'You box bots, trying to get supplies and items you can resell'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:19 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You have no clue'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:37 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Who could make a living off selling plat? What a fool'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:37 2006] You told Emilion, 'You buy up all items in the market, jack up prices, then accuse others of being overpriced'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:48 2006] You told Emilion, 'You're also in need of a psychiatrist to help you through your denial'
[Fri Feb 24 15:38:52 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You are overpirced you sad sack of #$&PCT;^'
[Fri Feb 24 15:39:02 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You are well over everyone else on cultural'
[Fri Feb 24 15:39:13 2006] You told Emilion, 'Put up or shut up. When I see you offering everything I offer for less, you can make that claim.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:39:20 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You arent selling oit like oyu say - in fact those are jst bold faced lies'
[Fri Feb 24 15:39:40 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Oh my god if i did youd hire a whole marching band to whine out your oocs'
[Fri Feb 24 15:39:51 2006] You told Emilion, 'Then explain to me why I have two people demanding full suits of cultural, compelte with down payments?'
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:04 2006] Emilion tells you, 'you lie Kyros - you are a huge liar '
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:12 2006] Emilion tells you, 'I think you believe your own lies'
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:30 2006] You told Emilion, 'I believe what I say because I tell the truth, pure and simple'
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:41 2006] You told Emilion, 'I have no need to lie and no need to prove myself to you'
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:41 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You do have some leeway with pricing though because atm you are simply the only human TSer '
[Fri Feb 24 15:40:55 2006] You told Emilion, 'I repeat what I said before. Put up or shut up.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:01 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Thats why your cultural is nore expensive'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:07 2006] You told Emilion, 'When you ahve a toon that can make what I can, you're free to undercut me'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:26 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Maybe i will - How long would it take to get a monk to 70 and 300 smithing ?'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:27 2006] You told Emilion, 'Until then, it sure seems to me you're the one whining about something you have no direct interest in.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:46 2006] You told Emilion, 'Monk to 70 is trivial. To 300 smithing? Kiss your sanity goodbye'
[Fri Feb 24 15:41:47 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Im not thew one oocing with Nyahs level 47 bots backing me up '
[Fri Feb 24 15:42:16 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Its not that hard kjyros - 1 week in SSRA two weeks in CT'
[Fri Feb 24 15:42:34 2006] You told Emilion, 'Then do it. For the third time, put up or shut up.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:03 2006] Emilion tells you, 'youre right - not worth the time - and the immense tears and ooc crying from your whiny little ass'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:09 2006] Emilion tells you, 'Ill stick to cheap augs for now'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:23 2006] You told Emilion, 'In other words, you don't have the guts to put your money where your mouth is.'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:35 2006] Emilion tells you, 'in other words its a waste of time and your a fool'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:38 2006] You told Emilion, 'You're a coward, a liar, and a lazy ass who gets his kicks from demeaning people'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:43 2006] You told Emilion, 'Welcome to ignore, for real'
[Fri Feb 24 15:43:44 2006] Emilion tells you, 'You talk around ytourslef'

After he gets tired of talking to himself for a while (I really did put him on ignore there), he tries a new tactic.
[Fri Feb 24 20:14:46 2006] Kyroscheaper tells you, 'Watch my progress. Let meknow if im levelling fast enough for you. Ill be starting on Monday. Have a good weekend Friend'
[Fri Feb 24 20:15:04 2006] Players in EverQuest:
[Fri Feb 24 20:15:04 2006] ---------------------------
[Fri Feb 24 20:15:04 2006] [1 Paladin] Kyroscheaper (Human) ZONE: qeynos
[Fri Feb 24 20:15:05 2006] There is 1 player in EverQuest.
[Fri Feb 24 20:15:12 2006] Reporting 20 lines of text starting with the first line visible at the top of the window from which you /reported.
[Fri Feb 24 20:17:25 2006] You told Kyroscheaper, 'So what, you're going to use this toon to make the same stuff as me?'

I was more amused than anything else. This childish tactic actually got him into some trouble ...
[Fri Feb 24 20:20:24 2006] You told a_Friend00, 'This gets interesting. He just made a toon named Kyroscheaper and he claims he's going to level him.'
[Fri Feb 24 20:20:33 2006] You told a_Friend00, 'I reported the name for impersonation and filed a petition =)'
[Fri Feb 24 20:20:35 2006] a_Friend00 tells you, 'rofl'
[Fri Feb 24 20:20:48 2006] a_Friend00 tells you, 'is that possible?'
[Fri Feb 24 20:21:16 2006] You told a_Friend00, 'Heck yes. If another person makes a character with a name confusingly similar to yours, or intended to confuse people, it's a violation of the naming policies'
[Fri Feb 24 20:21:34 2006] a_Friend00 tells you, 'pl him for what?'
[Fri Feb 24 20:22:00 2006] You told a_Friend00, 'Apparently he thinks getting to level 70 is all it takes to get high tradeskills...'

So of course a GM responds, and apparently he was not amused. Hail, Artemmis's_deleted_alt_98379. A few days later:
[Mon Feb 27 21:12:40 2006] Zerotoseventy tells you, 'I here youre the proud owner of some shiny new drake scales. Grats'
[Mon Feb 27 21:13:01 2006] You told Zerotoseventy, 'thanks'
[Mon Feb 27 21:14:26 2006] Zerotoseventy tells you, 'Watch my progress - it should be real interesting'
[Mon Feb 27 21:14:33 2006] Zerotoseventy tells you, 'Have a good one :)'
[Mon Feb 27 21:19:52 2006] Players in EverQuest:
[Mon Feb 27 21:19:52 2006] ---------------------------

[Mon Feb 27 21:19:52 2006] [1 Enchanter] Zerotoseventy (Human) ZONE: freeportwest
[Mon Feb 27 21:19:52 2006] There is 1 player in EverQuest.

Yet another alt that never got anywhere.

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