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Welcome to KyrosKrane's repository of random factoids, tidbits, and minutiae. Nothing on here is spectacularly revolutionary, but you may find stuff that's helpful to you. It's completely random what I decide to put up here. It may look weird, have odd colors, maybe even be wrong. In fact, it's mostly for my reference. If you like it, great, you're welcome to use it. Any comments, suggestions, or updates can be sent to


This tool lets you play around with the new jewel crafting. You can assemble a ring, earring, veil, bracelet, or pendant, using any of the available gems for the three aug slots. If you have feedback, you can post it on the EQTraders thread here. Now updated to reflect the new recommended levels.  All the known kinks have been worked out.

This is shared spreadsheet, hosted at Editgrid, that anyone can edit. It lists all the gems, their stats, their uncut names, and what stats they give in each settings. Parts of it are locked to prevent accidental deletion or editing, but most of it is editable, so you can add any missing stats as you discover them. You can also export the spreadsheet to a local copy if you want to play with it on your own PC. Please remember that any changes you make will be immediately visible to everyone, so be considerate in your use of the public sheet. If you have feedback, you can post it on the EQTraders thread here.

This is a summary listing of drops, vendor items, and trivials for the newly-revamped cultural armors. See also this list of cultural armor names.

A listing of the Slot 12 augments from Depths of Darkhollow and later expansions, requiring some tradeskills and a raid drop to acquire. This is intended to be a comparison of the names and focus effects. Updated (belatedly) to add the Radiant line.

During the second half of 2005, I conducted a statistical analysis of the trivials of the tradeskill trophies in EQ. This report summarizes my results and shows all the necessary calculations. After this report was completed, I showed it to some EQ devs and discussed it with them. Although my results weren't precisely correct, they were close enough that I'm happy with my procedures. A more accurate result could have been obtained through more data, as noted in the analysis.

Focus Effects

This is a list of all the healing focuses I could find on Lucy (actually, Allakhazam's). The list can be sorted by clicking on the headers. Updated to reflect the new drop of 5% per level over the cap, instead of the old 10%. I also updated it to show spells up to level 80 with the last updated, but never noted that here.


Word document, about 168KB. This is built almost entirely out of the collection work done by Samanna. His site is highly recommended. If you prefer a version you can view in your Web browser, click here. Dunno how well this will look or print, though.

Web pages with the compiled lore text for the missions. This isn't the fastest way to do the quest, but it does document the story and fill in most of the gaps that made the epic seem illogical. Much of this is now posted on Allakhazam.

Similar to my Paladin lore guide, this is a compilation of the full story behind Ragebringer.

Long quest involving tradeskills that leads to some pretty sweet rewards. This one was compiled with much help from the EQTraders community

Hosted on my former guild's Web site. Good reference to what you need for the Omens of War quest armors, both Tier 1 (exp group) and Tier 2 (raid armors).

Again hosted on my former guild's site. This may help you resolve issues with your PoP flagging.

This was a record-setting player-run quest that I organized and ran over two weekends. The total prize purse was a whopping 22 million pp. The first place winner was Vesia, a necro who won 8Mpp. Second place was Katcat, a chanter who earned 5Mpp.


So Artemmis doesn't remember his attempt to impersonate me. I do. The GM's didn't like what they saw very much...

Some years back, Kyros got married to a wonderful lady named Magratt. This was the invitation we sent out to friends. And yes, I know Erollisi is misspelled on the invitation. Shush.

This is the first Web site I made for Kyros, offering to sell Banded and Fine Plate armors. Completely out of date, of course, but it sure looks good. Keeping it here for the sake of nostalgia more than anything else.

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