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Current Skills:

  • Blacksmithing: 143 + Geerlok = 150 effective
  • Tailoring: 154 + Geerlok = 161 effective
  • Fletching: 137 + Geerlok = 143 effective
  • Baking: 187
  • Pottery: 122
  • Brewing: 148
  • Jewelcraft: Don't ask. =)

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Terms and Conditions

Custom Orders

Contact me for custom orders or special requests!  Send a tell to Kyroskrane or email:

What if you provide the components?

All prices assume that I have to provide all components. If the buyer comes to me with all the components for an item, I will perform (and only charge for) the combine.  The price is based on the trivial of the item:

Trivial Combine Charges

If the trivial is:  You pay:
Less than 100 15pp (discounted for some combines)
100 but less than 150 75pp
150 or higher 1pp per trivial point

Exception #1: If the price from the Trivial Combine Charges table is higher than what I charge in the colored tables in the Shopping Center pages, you only pay 50% of the price from the colored tables.

Exception #2: If the combine fails, you pay nothing.

Payment Terms

All prices are in platinum pieces (pp), and payment is likewise expected in pp.  Payments will be broken down as follows:

Down Payment Policy

If your order total is:  Down payment Payment on delivery
Less than 200pp 0% 100%
200pp but less than 500pp 20% 80%
500pp or more 40% 60%

Yes, this means you need to pre-pay a bit for big orders.

Delivery Terms

Delivery is only on the Veeshan server. 

Delivery can be made in or near any of the major good- or neutral-aligned cities on Antonica, Faydwer, or Odus, plus Nexus, Shadow Haven, and the Plane of Knowledge. Delivery at Highkeep or at the PoK book outside evil-aligned cities is also available, but may incur an extra charge.

Delivery time will be arranged via email or in-game tells, but will typically range between 7am - 2pm PST (3pm - 10pm UTC/GMT) on most days.