Side Quest: Blessed Oil and Brother Hayle

This guide is intended to document the story behind the Blessed Oil quest.  This quest is indirectly related to the paladin SoulFire quest. This guide is not necessarily the fastest way to complete the quest, and it includes some optional material not strictly required. Full details on why this guide is written and the meaning of the colors used can be found here.

Table of Contents

Starting the Quest

Head to West Karana, just at the end of the pass to Qeynos Hills. Brother Estle wanders around this area.

You say, 'Hail, Brother Estle'

Brother Estle says 'Greetings, child of life. The way of the [Prime Healer] shall set you free and cleanse your soul. I hope to see you at [mass].'

You say, 'What Prime Healer?'

Brother Estle says 'Rodcet Nife is the Prime Healer. His way is the path of healing and life. There can be no true life until your soul is healed by healing others. This will take you into the eternal when your time comes.'

You say, 'What mass?'

Brother Estle says 'Mass is not being held out here as yet. I am waiting for the [blessed oil] from the Temple of Life. You may attend services there.'

You say, 'What blessed oil?'

Brother Estle says 'The blessed oil is necessary during services. It is blessed by High Priestess Jahnda at the [Temple of Life]. If you are going in that direction, please stop at the temple and remind High Priestess Jahnda that brother Estle is waiting for his blessed oil.'

You say, 'What is the Temple of Life?'

Brother Estle says 'The Temple of Life is the center of worship for the followers of Rodcet Nife. It is located in North Qeynos and is one of the greatest temples ever created. Be sure to visit and attend services.'

Getting the Oil

Go to North Qeynos and find the Temple of Life; it's the UFO-looking temple near a zone line to South Qeynos. Priestess Jahnda is inside.

You say, 'Hail, Priestess Jahnda'

Priestess Jahnda says 'Welcome to the Temple of Life, where the will of Rodcet Nife, the Prime Healer, is carried out. I am the High Priestess Jahnda. If you require any training in our ways, please talk to any of our priests or any of the paladins of the Temple of Life.'

You say, 'Brother Estle needs the blessed oil'

Priestess Jahnda says 'I do not distribute the blessed oil of life. Please speak with Nomsoe Jusgata. Tell Nomsoe that Brother Estle needs the blessed oil.'

Someone should have told Brother Estle where to get the oil. =) Anyway, find Nomsoe Jusgata. He's standing outside the temple along the wall. He doesn't reply to the line that Jahnda gave you. Instead, follow his text prompts.

You say, 'Hail, Nomsoe Jusagta'

Nomsoe Jusagta says 'Greetings and welcome to the Temple of Life! The healing of the world shall begin within. Let me know if you have seen a [new disciple of life]. I have a task which needs to be attended to.'

You say, 'I am a new disciple of life?'

Nomsoe Jusagta says 'It is good to meet a new follower of the Prime Healer. Remember that we must defend all life. Disease and poison are the enemies. Within Qeynos we work hand in hand with other guilds. I seek an acolyte to [deliver a flask].'

You say, 'I will deliver a flask'

Nomsoe Jusagta says 'Our allies, the Knights of Thunder, have requested that we aid their followers in the Plains of Karana. We have a few young acolytes working there now. Take this blessed oil to Brother Estle. Follow the path to the plains. He shall be waiting for you by a tree alongside the path.'

You receive the Blessed Oil Flask, which has item lore "Blessed Oil of Life".

Learning about Hayle

Take the Oil Flask to Estle.

Brother Estle says 'Thank you. Now I may cleanse the bodies of the new converts and help them enter into a new life. I also have this. It was given to me by a dying gnoll of all things. They belong to Brother Hayle. The gnoll's last words were 'Free him.' Make sure High Priestess Jahnda gets this. Be swift!'

Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better.

Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better.

Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better.

Your faction standing with Bloodsabers got worse.

Your faction standing with Antonius Bayle got better.

You gain experience!!

You receive 1 silver from Brother Estle.

You receive the PrayerBeads, which has item lore "Hayle's Prayer Beads". (Yes, there really is no space in the item name.)

Take the Beads to Jahnda.

Priestess Jahnda says 'Oh my word!! This is terrible news. This belongs to Hayle Mool. He has been captured by the Splitpaw Clan while in Karana. You must go to his aid. We cannot do so at this time. Here. Be sure to hand him this summons. I will need to speak with him.'

You receive the Temple Summons, which has item lore "Summons For Hayle". The text is:
Brother Hayle,

I command your presence in the Temple of Life. Abandon all current missions and return at once. This is the will of the Prime Healer.

Priestess Jahnda

Continue the conversation.

You say, 'Who is Hayle Mool?'

Priestess Jahnda says 'Brother Hayle Mool is one of our finest clerics. He could convert anyone to the ways of Rodcet Nife. Recently, he has been out in the [Plains of Karana] trying to befriend the [Splitpaw clan]. I pray he has not become their prisoner or even worse, their dinner.'

Finding Brother Hayle

Jahnda doesn't respond to either bracketed key word. My guess is that they're clues on where you should go, rather than actual words you say to someone. At any rate, go to Splitpaw Lair (now called Infected Paw) and find Brother Hayle in the Jail. Hand him the summons.

I forgot to try Jahnda's key words with Hayle.

Brother Hayle says 'I am needed!! What am I doing here? I must return to the Temple of Life to commune with the Prime Healer. Rodcet Nife will give me more strength to finish this job. Thank you, young one! Take this key as a reward. Turn it into Tyokan in the temple shop. Safe journey to you!'

Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better.

Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better.

Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos could not possibly get any better.

Your faction standing with Bloodsabers could not possibly get any worse.

Your faction standing with Antonius Bayle got better.

You gain experience!!

You receive the a key named  T.O.L. 2020 which has item lore "Strongbox Key 2020".

Hayle despawns and immediately respawns.

Completing the Quest

Return to Qeynos and find the temple shop. You'll have to wait until the daytime to find Tyokan. At night, Whysia Flock takes his place.

You say, 'Hail, Whysia Flock'

Whysia Flock says 'Good evening, Kyroskrane. Feel free to take your time browsing. The temple shop is open night and day for your convenience. Most clerics need access to their [scroll strongbox] at all times.'

You say, 'What scroll strongbox?'

Whysia Flock says 'The scroll strongboxes are kept here. They are used by the temple clerics to hold their valuable scrolls. I tend to the 30 and 40 numbered boxes and [Tyokan] deals with the 20s. Presently all are taken and the waiting list is quite long. If you are here to turn in your key, then please do so. I shall get your scroll for you.'

You say, 'Who is Tyokan?'

Whysia Flock says 'Tyokan Mekase is the day merchant here at the temple shop. He usually arrives around eight in the morning or so.'

Once Tyokan is up, hail him.

You say, 'Hail, Tyokan Mekase'

Tyokan Mekase says 'Please look around. We have many items exclusively for the members of the Temple of Life. We also have [scroll strongboxes]. If you are unsure of what an item is, feel free to ask me.'

You say, 'What scroll strongboxes?'

Tyokan Mekase says 'The scroll strongboxes are merely personal safes. Most of the members use them. I am afraid all are taken, but if you are here to remove a scroll, merely hand me your key and I shall get it for you. I handle all 20 numbered keys and [Whysia] handles all 30 and 40 numbered keys.'

(I couldn't get him to reply to the Whysia prompt.)

Hand him the key.

Tyokan Mekase says 'Oh, turning in your key, are you? Very well, defender of life. Here you are.'

The quest reward is apparently a random cleric spell. I got Inspire Fear (CLR/24).  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that keys numbered in the 20's give level 20-29 spells, keys numbered in the 30's give level 30-39 spells, etc.  I haven't verified this, however.